Four ways Probiotics help you

Savory yogurt is undeniably delicious. And, the creamy nature of savory yogurt is ultra-refreshing. Not only that, it’s good for you!

What makes our savory Indian yogurt so healthy? The “secret” ingredient: probiotics. Probiotics are crucial to the yogurt culturing process—those happy little microorganisms are what gives yogurt its thick, creamy, slightly tart nature. And as scientists are discovering, they are also a crucial ingredient in a healthy human gut.

Probiotics—from the Latin “pro,” or "for", and the Greek “biotikos,” meaning "lively" or "fit for life"—have been a part of scientific knowledge for about a hundred years, but made their way into the public zeitgeist relatively recently. They’re already having a powerful impact on the practices of medicine—and of nutrition. Study after study points to their healing effects on digestion, inflammation, and even the brain.

What positive benefits can you experience from eating probiotic-rich Indian yogurt?

Feel happier!

Probiotics have been shown to limit the brain’s reactivity to sadness —meaning a greater resiliency to anxiety and depression, and a reduction in those gloomy thoughts. Probiotics have also been shown to decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Sufferers of depression or anxiety--and everyone wanting to boost their overall mood—can take probiotics, and link a healthier gut to a healthier brain.

Lose weight!

A 2010 study linked a lack of healthy gut flora to obesity and diabetes—the presence of too much “bad bacteria” and a lack of helpful probiotics reduced metabolism while increasing appetite. Probiotic-rich yogurt contributes to a healthy gastrointestinal environment, which allows your body to manage its metabolism and appetite naturally. 

Reduce Inflammation!

The inflammation-fighting abilities of gut-superhero probiotics could give some added relief to arthritis suffers. Intestinal inflammation, often associated with inflammatory arthritis, can be reduced by adding healthy probiotics to the gut flora. A spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics told, “A healthy diet helps keep the intestinal barrier strong and the immune system in a top fighting condition. Healthy foods and probiotic supplements can work together to keep joints healthy and also keep the rest of the body strong.” Prayani Indian yogurt can provide a one-two anti-inflammation punch—it’s healthy AND probiotic-rich.

Counteract Acid Reflux!

Acid reflux happens when stomach acid comes up the esophagus, which is usually supposed to be a one-way road. This causes discomfort and sometimes even permanent damage to the esophagus. Good bacteria—like the probiotics found in savory Indian yogurt—help keep the bad, acid-reflux-causing bacteria at bay.

Studies continue to show the mental and physical benefits of probiotics and their impact on a healthy gut. Want to see for yourself? Sample creamy, delicious Prayani Indian Yogurt at the Michigan State Fair this weekend. We believe healthy should also be easy and flavorful.