What's Raita?

Raita is India's secret sauce. All that spicy food we eat? We cool it down with raita yogurt sauces, so we can have more spicy food! But don't feel obligated to use raita the same way we do in India. Psst..Most people have actually used it as a sour cream swap. Yes, you can use it in most recipes that use sour cream - it's healthier, flavorful and so versatile! 

Think of our Cucumber with Mint and Cilantro raita as the Indian cousin of the Tzatsiki. However, in India, raita is made with many different vegetables and sometimes even fruits, adding fun and flavor to already flavorful meals. So, we created the Tomato and Carrot with Cumin and Coriander as the second cousins to Tzatsiki!

Prayani Raita = Freedom from Sour Cream Boredom

See our recipes. We have a confession to make...many recipes have been developed by many of you!  Prayani yogurt sauces have been used as a flavorful alternative to sour cream, and used anywhere from a dip, to put on baked potatoes, tacos, kebabs and salmon. We love how raita has such universal appeal!


Healthy Food Doesn't have to be Boring!

Contains Probiotics | No Added Sugars  |  Whole Milk Yogurt

And, naturally gluten-free.

Nutrition (2 Tbsp) Prayani Raita Sour Cream
Calories 40 60
Total Fat 2% 8%
Saturated Fat 3% 18%
Protein 3g 1g
Calcium 8% 2%

Our Ingredients Include

Himalayan Pink Salt and Chia Seeds

No Additives like Pectin, Gelatin or Gums

Check out our ingredients page for more information.


What Michigan Folks are Saying

quickly became a favorite in our home for its delicious, bold flavors and healthy ingredients.
— http://blog.metrodetroitmommy.com/2016/02/raita.html
These Savory Yogurts were absolutely scrumptious!...
— http://fivedollarshake.net/index.php/2016/03/raita-yogurt-savory-dips-review-giveaway/
all three flavors are delicious!
— http://redesigninghappiness.com/index.php/2016/03/20/raita-savory-yogurt/