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What's Raita?

Raita is the Indian cousin of Tsatsiki.

Not as thick, but has a hint of a kick.

It's full of flavor, that you can savor

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. 

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How Do I Use It?

Raita is The New Sour Cream.

Dip, Top or Spread - For Veggies, Meat & Bread

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Available in three amazing and delicious Indian flavors:

Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint, Carrot with Cumin & Coriander, Tomato with Coriander & Cumin

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You can count on our raita to provide you and your family with spiced-to-perfection, highest-quality yogurt.

Prayani also offers fewer than 50 calories per serving in a nutritious vegetarian food without any preservatives.

(2 Tbsp)
Prayani Raita Sour Cream
Calories 40 60
Total Fat 2% 8%
Saturated Fat 3% 18%
Protein 3g 1g
Calcium 8% 2%

Packed with health-boosting probiotics and protein and rich in calcium and vitamin A, Prayani Raita Yogurt Sauce offers the most demanding foodies something truly new and delicious. Our flavor-packed yogurt sauce features antioxidant rich herbs and spices ranging from mint and cilantro to coriander and cumin. The result is:

Guilt-Free, Nutrient-Packed and Healthy Yogurt You’ll Love.

Way More Lean than Sour cream!

Raita is The New Sour Cream Because It's Way More Lean. 

Use them as a dip. Or in your recipes. And we'll give you many a tip.

Better Food Doesn't Have to be boring!

Contains Probiotics | No Added Sugars  |  Whole Milk Yogurt

No rBST  | non-GMO Milk | No Gelatin  | No Pectin 

 No Preservatives | No Artificial Colors

And, naturally gluten-free.


What Michigan Folks are Saying

quickly became a favorite in our home for its delicious, bold flavors and healthy ingredients.
These Savory Yogurts were absolutely scrumptious!...
all three flavors are delicious!

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