1. Do you make your own yogurt?

   Yes, we do. We use a propriety process to make our own yogurt before adding the spices and vegetables (even though two of the three are technically fruits!).

2. Is the milk used to make the yogurt hormone free?

   Yes, absolutely! The milk is rBST free. The milk is sourced from Country Dairy In New Era, Michigan. They supply to Wholefoods and are working on their non-GMO certification. Check them out! They have excellent ice cream.

3. Is your product organic?

   Some of the spices we use are organic. Our milk is not. However, it is rBST free and antibiotic free.

4. Is this spicy?

    In India and South Asia raita is a cooling side to a spicy meal. As such, this is more flavorful than it is spicy. It has spices yes, but not as much heat.

5. Where is this made?

    The product is made in Hart, MI.

6. What does PRAYANI mean?

    PRAYANI means "Traveler" in Tamil, which is founder Harinee's native language. It represents  the traveler inside you that wants to experience new cultures and cuisines.