Harinee Sampath

Company Founder Harinee Sampath originally came up with the idea behind Prayani. She had been making raita yogurt dips at home for many years with recipes passed down through the generations from her family in India. As an immigrant to the U.S. she wanted to bring a part of her culture and history to America. The goal was to offer rich and vibrant flavors that transport customers to an Indian vacation, all while they’re in the comfort of their homes. 

While studying at University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Harinee worked with a team to develop a line of raita yogurt dips, conducting extensive market research through taste tests, focus groups and surveys. After seeing this very promising market research, Harinee jumped right into figuring out how to launch the product.


After earning her MBA, Harinee recruited one intern and her family, including her almost three-year-old son, to help bring Raita to life. The very first batch was made with the help of my father and one other person, with my husband joining us at 11 PM and going until 2 AM, after having started production at 5 AM the previous day. Here's a picture from that first run!

She started Prayani, a company she incorporated with the vision to bring healthier South Asian Foods to market. Identified as a quickly rising start-up, the company earned several awards and recognition at the University of Michigan and the Zell Lurie Institute.

Our team now consists of a small band of Prayanis to make and market the our raita yogurt sauces. 

As a mom, it's been important for Harinee to develop products that her son would enjoy. At Prayani, we will continue to develop full of flavor foods that are better for you. We now have a wonderful crew making Prayani. They still add spices to every cup and hand label every cup for you, so you can continue to enjoy the most authentic flavored raita available today