The beginning

It was the August of 2013. I was taking a class called "Managerial Communication", which was a required course during my MBA. One of the final deliverables for a class was supposed to be a VC style pitch to the class on a business idea. 

After some thought, I decided to pitch the idea for our raita (or "Pachaddi" in Tamil) since this is something I had thought of before as a possible business idea.

I still remember leaving for the presentation bright and early on a Saturday morning. I also remember my dad actually making the Pachhadi for me that morning! Yes, I could have been a middle school kid that day with a homework being done by a parent. But then, I had recruited my dad because at home he had earned the moniker of "Pachhadi Parthasarathy" at home because he made all these different flavors of pachhadis, and I trusted him completely with this project. 

 Later that day, once my pitch was over, I offered samples to my classmates. Interestingly, that day in class (it was about 11:30 AM when I offered the samples - and this will be important to note later) - no one took a sample except a couple of my fellow Indian women classmates who came up and said they would definitely buy the product if it were available on shelves! Yes, once the product launched, indeed they did. 

With that, I earned an A, or an "Excellent" for my fellow Rossers, for the class and forgot all about raita.